We Connect People to their Progress
bitPerk is a platform for increasing performance of tech teams by innovating continuous feedback and recognition.

What You'll Get
"Highly engaged teams have an average of 21% higher efficiency." (Gallup 2017)
Tech Teams
bitPerk creates a connection with your progress via continuous feedback and recognition (not limited to your colleagues and leaders). It also gives you the power to decide what perks you want.
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Tech Leaders
By automating and linking gratification to specific tasks, bitPerk innovates promoting changes & process adoption, and increases your teams' performance.
Product Overview
"... the single most important lever is to give people the sense that they can make progress in their work." (Teresa M. Amabile, Steven J. Kramer, Inner Work Life, 2007)
People & Culture Leaders
bitPerk aims to create a culture of achievement & collaboration, not only through extrinsic factors like perks, but also by giving people the feeling that they can achieve small wins every day.
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Business Leaders
Besides increasing performance, investing in bitPerk has a clear and quick business return that can be easily shown by using our ROI calculator.
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Get Started with bitPerk in 4 Steps
Create your Account and First Project
After subscribing to bitPerk, your first step is to check your e-mail and create your account and first project from the link provided within the e-mail.
Integrate with your Tools
After accessing your account, you can create your integration with Jira, Trello or Wrike very easily. You can always count on us for help or integration with other tools.
Define Roles & Invite People
Once you have your integration set, it's time to define roles and invite people from your team. This is a fundamental step for creating rules and rewards.
Create Reward Rules and Voila!
Finally, it's time to create and adjust your reward rules and then voila! You're all set to start working with bitPerk. You can always count on our onboarding wizard too!
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