Easy Integration
Integrates beautifully with Jira, Trello and Wrike + more than 2000 apps with Zapier.
Reward Rules Engine
A powerful engine for creating automated rules aligned with your process, culture & goals.
Bits & Perks
A flexible "bits" score system that allows meaningful perks as team's efforts recognition.
360° Recognition
Bits can be originated from tasks, performance, colleagues, leaders and more.
Continuous Feedback
From dashboards to reports and badges, bitPerk makes sure your team sense their daily progress.
Perk Store
Allows your people to decide the perks they want or even convert their bits into charity donations.
Built by Tech People, for Tech Teams
Different from other solutions in the market, which are made for generic HR purposes, bitPerk is focused on tech & software teams.
Integrates with your Tools
We know and love the same tools your team uses, and so bitPerk is made to work beautifully with tools like Jira, Trello, Wrike, and more.
We Love to be Productive
Tech teams love to make progress and be productive, and so we built bitPerk with its main focus on progress and performance.
Clear & Shared Rules
We, tech people, appreciate clear rules and goals, and bitPerk helps teams and leaders to define clear and transparent reward rules and goals.
Process Reinforcement
We know the importance of good processes. Do you want to assure that your teams follow agile methodology or registers their time? We are continuously building bitPerk with that in mind.
More Tech Metrics on the Way
Our team is always planning new and relevant metrics for tech and software teams, such as code quality, rework levels, and more.
Crypto Enabled
We're as enthusiastic about tech as you are and, bitPerk will have the possibility of crypto and blockchain (already under development), besides the regular bits (points) approach.
How Our Solution Works
Tons of Possible Integrations
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